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陕西十一选五任七: SDL Managed Translation

Easily Manage your entire Localization process

Centralize, own and manage your translation operations

陕西十一选五推荐 SDL Managed Translation allows organizations of any size to manage their entire localization process using a centralized browser-based platform. Resulting in lower translation costs, higher-quality translations and more efficient translation processes. All while providing anyone in the organization access to the localization process.

With SDL Managed Translation, you can integrate different types of translation resources in your localization process, including SDL Language Services, third-party Language Service Providers or internal linguistic resources. In addition, our platform can provide access to a machine translation framework to support the localization of content streams where fully automated or post-edited translation quality is sufficient.

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Efficient localization process

Achieve consistent high-quality translations and standardized communication across all target languages by using a central translation memory and a terminology management tool.
User-friendly browser interface to submit and manage projects with end-to end visibility and tracking of localization projects.
SDL Managed Translation leverages the SDL language platform, which will help you reduce your translation spend and enable shorter turnaround time.
SDL Managed Translation is a fully managed service, which means the configuration, administration and support of the platform are performed by SDL. This enables you to focus on your localization process rather than on system maintenance.
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