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陕西十一选五遗漏数据一定牛: SDL Interpretation

Facilitate communication across languages and cultures

Interpretation creates understanding

陕西十一选五推荐 Whether it is a business meeting, event, training, summit, audit or interview, when people come together from around the world, the most important thing is that they understand one another. Ideas, advancements, policies and innovations are too important to be lost in translation.

Interpretation facilitates conversations between parties who do not speak the same language. Professional interpreters listen to conversation in one language and communicate that content in another.?

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Type of interpretation

  • Simultaneous interpretation.?The interpreter uses specialized equipment to listen in one language, while interpreting the content into another language.
  • Consecutive interpretation. The interpreter provides an interpretation in the target language after the speaker has finished speaking in the source language.?
  • Whisper interpretation. Someone speaks and an interpreter whispers that message into the ear of another person in their preferred language.

SDL interpretation services

  • Face-to-face, simultaneous, whisper and consecutive interpretation?
  • More than 3000 professionally trained interpreters globally
  • State of the art infrared interpretation equipment?
  • Access to an international network of interpretation equipment suppliers


Interpretation services create understanding.?

Interpretation services can eliminate language as a barrier, whether you want to give your global employees or shareholders the opportunity to hear company updates, train an international salesforce, or provide product training to your customers.

Trust your next interpretation project to SDL

We’ll deliver interpreters with the right skill sets and experience
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