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陕西十一选五高频彩票: Consulting Services

Experience and expertise for global success

Consulting services for global success

To drive global revenue streams, you need a global strategy. And that's where www.11fy.cnes in. We offer a range of consulting services to help you succeed globally. A recognized leader in the localization industry, we have more than 24 years of experience working with multinational companies, across a wide variety of industries and markets.

Our consulting teams draw on that experience by investigating your global operations to design pragmatic solutions for complex operational issues. Whether you are just entering new markets, or already have a vast multinational organization, SDL can help you identify the best strategy for your long-term growth and success.

Partner with the most experienced consultants in the industry

Global Solutions Consulting

Whether you are new to expanding your markets or want to improve your continued global business, SDL can help you identify a long-term strategy.

Our global solutions consulting team can help you find more efficient processes, choose and implement technology and help you save time and money. Insight into the best practices that the world's top brands use to go global places SDL in a prime position to further assist you as you grow.?

Content Migration Services

For organizations adopting structured content based on the DITA standard, the process of preparing and migrating legacy content can be complex.

SDL Content Migration Services supports you with consulting services, tools and automation, migration, validation and training. We help you get up and running fast so that you can quickly realize the benefits of switching from an unstructured to a structured content model.?

Consulting services

  • Global content operating model
  • Web content management
  • Structured content management
  • Translation management
  • Terminology management
  • In-country review
  • Machine translation
  • Author training
  • Multilingual SEO
  • Multimedia services and strategy
  • Quality benchmarking and KPIs
  • Internationalizations
  • Structured content migration
  • Global content and marketing solutions
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