陕西十一选五基本走势图表:SDL Press Releases - ◆陕西十一选五推荐◆ //www.11fy.cn/rss/press-releases.rss Articles #5FutureStates of Content Are Here: SDL’s 2018 Predictions Come to Fruition - ◆陕西十一选五推荐◆ //www.11fy.cn/about/news-media/press/2018/2018-predictions-come-to-fruition.html#139788 SDL (LSE: SDL), a global leader in content creation, translation and delivery, today reveals that its Five Future States of Content (#5FutureStates) have become a reality, after a series of its innovations that have been incubated over the past year have begun to deliver solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). These developments, which span across the content supply chain, not only help global brands move from manual to autonomous futures as they evolve towards a global content operating model (GCOM), but enable them to create compelling content that drives continuous customer experiences.?

“Early in 2018, SDL announced its Five Future States of Content, a series of concepts predicting exciting prospects where content will create itself, organize itself, secure itself, be agile and be an organization's best salesperson, with some of these predictions already a reality today,” said Peggy Chen, CMO at SDL. “What makes the difference in the accuracy of our predictions is SDL’s unwavering commitment to meet customers’ needs and laser-focus on leading the way in what’s next on content creation, translation and delivery – bringing to fruition concepts that were just a mere idea a little over a year ago. To highlight where investment is needed, we also provide insight into our upcoming research, which identifies rising customer expectations in seamless experiences. Here’s how our predictions and research fared.”?

1. Content will create itself: Content makes the digital world go around, and drives every stage of the customer journey, from research through to purchase, product use and ongoing support. And it needs to be available 24/7. According to SDL’s commissioned research, 82% of customers expect brands to be available whenever needed. If it’s not, a third (27%) will simply stop their purchase. However, for most companies, the biggest challenge lies in keeping up with demand and finding better ways to create, translate and deliver content. SDL predicted that with the rise of AI, there was potential to get more value out of the content already produced, by giving brands the ability to create content derivatives which resonate with more audiences worldwide.?

What SDL delivered: Alongside people and advancing processes, the launch of SDL Content Assistant, powered by Hai, SDL’s Linguistic AI, automates, accelerates and enhances the derivative content creation process. The content assistant quickly identifies themes, patterns and main ideas from source documentation and extracts key topics; automatically identifying key content elements such as quotes, facts and figures, and providing content summaries, which can be used for blogs and social posts.?

2. Content will be agile: Keeping up with consumer demand means creating content around the clock in the right formats. SDL’s research shows 57% of consumers surveyed read product/services specifications online and 39% read product/service documentation (pdfs and paper manuals). To meet consumer demand, companies must streamline handoffs between content creation, translation, and delivery and create an efficient and agile GCOM.?

What SDL delivered: By combining new ways of agile working with componentized content, automated and integrated translation capabilities, and linguistic AI, brands can enable agile content creation, translation and delivery like never before. As an example, SDL’s recently launched end-to-end localization platform, SDL Language Cloud, changes the traditional approach to managing content projects to achieve greater agility, helping users think about their processes and automate them.?

3. Content will be organize itself: While everyone relies on content, too much becomes inconsumable and unmanageable. When asked about their best digital experiences with brands, SDL research respondents pointed out the following features: Ease of website search and pre-filtered content, logical categorization and clear, accurate product information. However, 66% said they have abandoned a purchase due to insufficient product information. AI will help structure, classify and tag content in a way that it becomes highly organized, and searchable across the business.?

What SDL delivered: With the new SDL Tridion DX, which combines the power of SDL Tridion Sites and SDL Tridion Docs, companies can today use shared taxonomies across content types for marketing and product content, ensuring better search results, targeted content, consistency with industry standards and term bases, as well as better reporting. SDL’s Linguistic AI, Hai, also provides additional support to taxonomies and tagging – all enabling companies to organize their content better both internally and externally.?

4.??Content will be secure:?With nearly 60 million Americans affected by identity theft, according to a 2018 online survey by the Harris Poll (The Harris Poll, 2018), companies need to protect translation processes and ensure they do not expose sensitive, protected or confidential information through copying, transmission or use by unauthorized individuals. AI will help apply the correct category tagging to ensure regulatory compliance and ensure no personal data goes through an insecure process.?

What SDL delivered: SDL launched a series of secure deployments for its Neural Machine Translation (MT) platform, introducing Edge Cloud capabilities that seamlessly connect the on-premises MT environment to provide secure ground-to-cloud deployment flexibility. Additionally, SDL’s Secure Translation Supply Chain and Content Management technology is designed with security in mind. Organizations concerned with data breaches can work in the comfort of knowing their data is locked down throughout the translation process.?

5. Content will be your best salesperson: Online, every sale is ultimately built on content. More sales increases demands and content complexities. Today more than 70% of consumers surveyed by SDL have experienced issues with content online including language barriers, lack of customization and inability to find the right content. Brands will need to ensure their content is impactful, and engages across the customer journey.?

What SDL delivered: SDL has listened to the recurring issues by consumers and has made it easier to meet the increase in content volumes while also driving the customer experience by scaling content creation, translation, and delivery. By using SDL’s network of in-country linguistic resources, combined with content and translation technology, such as Linguistic AI and Machine Translation, organizations can create content once and then multiply the amount of content by the number of target languages without risk to the brand or the relevancy of their message. This is made easy with SDL Tridion DX, SDL Accessibility Solution – which enables content accessibility across every channel – and SDL Multilingual Website solution, which enables organizations to experiment with automatically translated web pages and identify which content should be sent for more refined human translation… and all without having to increase headcount.?

“Our ambition is to build a model for our customers that delivers machine first, human optimized GCOM solutions, taking the content operating model from manual to automated. Our 2018 predictions set out a blueprint for this and paved the way for new solutions designed to bring the five future states of content closer to a reality. In 2019, we will take more steps in helping our customers create exceptional customer journeys by making predictions on the future content landscape, so watch this space!” concluded Chen.

Thu, 20 Dec 2018 09:00:00GMT //www.11fy.cn/about/news-media/press/2018/2018-predictions-come-to-fruition.html#139788
SDL Partners with PFU Technical Communications to Solve Complexity in Delivering Technical Documentation to Global Audiences - ◆陕西十一选五推荐◆ //www.11fy.cn/about/news-media/press/2018/sdl-partners-with-pfu-technical-communications.html#137913 SDL (LSE: SDL), a leader in global content management, translation and digital experience, today announced a partnership with PFU Technical Communications Limited to develop solutions that help brands overcome the challenges involved in technical documentation creation, management and delivery across the content supply chain in multiple languages.?

PFU Technical Communications, based in Japan, is a manual production company that provides total support services from production to translation of content using the latest technical authoring technology. The company creates – based on Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) – user manuals and documentation for global brands that make it easy for customers to understand, read, and search a product. DITA is an XML-based open standard for structuring, developing, managing, and publishing technical content across different languages and formats.?

The combination of PFU Technical Communications’ advanced DITA and XML technologies, and SDL Tridion Docs, a DITA-based structured content management solution, will solve the complexity involved in creating, managing and distributing in-depth product content and technical documentation at scale. It works by giving authors a structured, component- based approach to creating content, allowing them to adapt one or many pieces of content with little effort and deliver across multiple touchpoints – something that can be challenging without such a tool where each piece of content needs to be updated manually.?

“We have a long history in providing DITA and XML-based writing, consulting and information architecture to some of the globe’s top brands,” said Hiroyuki Yoshida, Corporate Vice President, PFU Technical Communications. “With a dedicated team, consisting of a project manager, writer, translator, and editor, we provide a one-stop service that includes planning, writing and translating technical documents, and are always looking for innovative ways to help customers get more value from their content supply chain. Our partnership with SDL supports this vision and look forward to creating more value for our customers as they take their business global.”?

As a DITA-based structured content management solution, SDL Tridion Docs, part of SDL Tridion DX, makes it easier for content authors and subject matter experts to create, edit and review content. The technology is also integrated with SDL Translation Management, enabling companies translate their technical content with the click of a button, track status of publications in translation, and automate the publish of technical content into a variety of formats, thereby eliminating desktop publishing for translated versions.?

“Technical and support documentation plays a vital role in the customer experience. If customers can easily find product information and clear instructions, you improve their overall experience and interaction with your brand,” said Thomas Labarthe, Chief Revenue Officer, SDL. “Our partnership with PFU Technical Communications tackles this by helping brands to deliver any type of technical content to a global audience.”?

PFU Technical Communications
PFU Technical Communications provides user-friendly manuals based on their expertise in creating and translating product manuals. With advanced technologies such as XML and DITA, they create manuals at lower cost compared to conventional methods, by supporting various media for a single source and improving the quality. Visit: //www.pfu.fujitsu.com/pte/en/

Tue, 04 Dec 2018 07:00:00GMT //www.11fy.cn/about/news-media/press/2018/sdl-partners-with-pfu-technical-communications.html#137913
SDL Addresses Growing Content Challenges at tcworld Conference 2018 - ◆陕西十一选五推荐◆ //www.11fy.cn/about/news-media/press/2018/tekom.html#138538 SDL (LSE: SDL), a global leader in content creation, translation, management and delivery, today announces it will showcase the latest content management, translation and terminology solutions – and how they address the growing content challenge – at this year’s tekom event – tekom-Jahrestagung and tcworld Conference 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany, from November 13 – 15, the globe’s largest event and marketplace for technical communication.?

Experts from SDL will exhibit, present and host workshops to help translators and global organizations learn how to optimize their efforts across the localization supply chain to create, translate and deliver content strategically to global audiences. See below an extract of each session:?

  • Philips Health Systems – How Terminology Management Keeps Pace with Product Innovation: Ulrike R?hrenbeck and Daniela Fleck, Philips Health Systems and David Morgan, SDL. Learn how Philips benefits from terminology management tools to increase user engagement and help deliver projects faster. Taking place on Tuesday, November 13, 4:15 - 5:00pm (room C6.2).?
  • Bringing Web and Technical Content Together: J?rg Schmidt, Solutions Architect, SDL, explains how SDL Tridion DX blends web and structured content, delivering continuous digital experiences in any language across the pre-sale, sale and post-sale phases of the customer journey. Taking place on Tuesday, November 13, 11:15 - 12:00 (room C10.1).?
  • SDL Trados Studio 2019 – New Experience. Better Results: Daniel Brockman, Director of Product Management, SDL. Learn more about the latest features and innovations within the industry’s leading CAT tool. Taking place on Wednesday, November 14, 4:15 - 5:00pm (room C10.1).?
  • SDL Trados GroupShare – Innovations in Translation Management: Luis Lopes, Product Manager, SDL, showcases the most exciting innovations in SDL Trados GroupShare, and everything else for streamlined translation management collaboration - including the powerful Online Editor. Taking place on Wednesday, November 14, 09:45 - 10:30 (room C10.1).?
  • Managing User Generated Content in Technical Communications: J?rg Schmidt, SDL, looks at how SDL Tridion Docs helps companies benefit from user generated content within their technical communications. Taking place on Wednesday, November 14, 08:45 - 09:30 (Room C7.1).?

“Our customers are always looking for ways to solve real-life language and content management problems, and at this year’s event we’ll be showcasing the very latest innovations and developments from SDL to help them be more efficient in the way they engage with global audiences,” said Massimo Ghislandi, Vice President Translation Productivity, SDL. “We’re looking forward to collaborating with experts, customers and peers from across the industry at this year’s event. See you there!”?

At the event, attendees can learn more about how SDL’s solutions enable brands to develop their own Global Content Operating Model (GCOM). A GCOM provides the framework to deliver content globally – to any audience, on any device. By exploring the processes, technologies, human resources, driving strategy and content input and output, a GCOM guides improvements and alignment across all pillars. This approach helps companies to strategically create, manage, and deliver large volumes of content globally.?

See the full list of sessions hosted by SDL.

Visit our booth 2/D05!

Tue, 13 Nov 2018 07:00:00GMT //www.11fy.cn/about/news-media/press/2018/tekom.html#138538
SDL Reveals Game-Changing Intelligent Language Cloud – The Only Platform to Manage the Entire Localization Process @SDLConnect2018 - ◆陕西十一选五推荐◆ //www.11fy.cn/about/news-media/press/2018/sdl-language-cloud.html#138703 SDL (LSE: SDL), a global leader in content creation, translation and delivery, today announced the next-generation of its SDL Language Cloud, now integrating Machine Learning and Hai, its Linguistic Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Converging SDL’s best in class translation technology, SDL Language Cloud is an intelligent, end-to-end platform designed for anyone involved in the localization supply chain.?

Hundreds of stakeholders are often involved in creating, managing and delivering complex translation projects across the content supply chain. With the inclusion of Hai, SDL Language Cloud can automate tasks and approval processes within the workflow, to enable teams to deliver better quality translations faster by going beyond the basics of a translation management system, all while applying localization best-practices across an organization.?

“With the explosion of content, we wanted to revolutionize our language technologies to meet the demands of the modern enterprise. Taking our 26 years of experience, we are reshaping the entire translation workflow to create more impactful content,” said Jim Saunders, Chief Product Officer at SDL. “As an end-to-end localization platform, our SDL Language Cloud changes the traditional approach to managing projects. With the latest advances in Machine Translation (MT) and Linguistic AI, it powers higher-quality translations with more efficient company-wide processes, tailored user experiences, and supporting all content types, repositories, translation methods.”?

Teams working with content such as documents, videos, and images have an easy-to-use online portal to upload content for translation. Regardless of their level of experience in the localization space, SDL Language Cloud with Linguistic AI can assist in optimizing the work needed for translation, ranging from utilizing SDL MT or using professional human translation, particularly for highly-nuanced content. Teams can also send content to be translated via SDL Language Cloud with over 80+ Connectors for applications including content management systems, web content management systems, e-Commerce platforms, marketing automation platforms, and more. An easy to use interface will also provide stakeholders with instant visibility into a project’s progress, helping to meet tight deadlines and proactively manage budgets.?

SDL Language Cloud provides access to SDL’s cloud technology including terminology, Online Editor, workflow automation, translation memory, and more. With an easy to use interface, SDL Language Cloud can manage the entire localization process within an enterprise, meaning teams can focus on issues at hand including approving projects or monitoring the progress of time sensitive projects. SDL Language Cloud includes access to SDL’s Neural MT and Linguistic AI powered by Hai – evolved from 15 years close collaboration between MT developers, MT-savvy linguists and professional translators across multiple industries and domains.

Thu, 08 Nov 2018 07:00:00GMT //www.11fy.cn/about/news-media/press/2018/sdl-language-cloud.html#138703
SDL Brings Powerful Cloud-Based Neural Machine Translation to Global Brands - ◆陕西十一选五推荐◆ //www.11fy.cn/about/news-media/press/2018/sdl-machine-translation.html#138704 SDL (LSE: SDL), a global leader in content creation, translation, and delivery, today announces major enhancements to its Machine Translation (MT) offering, bringing SDL’s state-of-the-art Neural Machine Translation (NMT) 2.0 into a secure Cloud environment. In addition, it now uses Edge-Cloud capabilities to seamlessly integrate with on-premise solutions to provide secure ground to Cloud deployment options for brands with Linguistic AI capabilities, powered by Hai.?

SDL’s next-generation NMT 2.0 solution has been developed with and for enterprises who require deployment flexibility to rapidly process high volumes of multilingual content for a global audience across multiple use cases and scenarios. For example, leveraging on-cloud instant translation for social media posts that need an immediate response while taking advantage of the same technology on premise for internal legal documents, patent applications, eDiscovery, and processing other sensitive content.?

Benefits of SDL’s Cloud-Based Neural Machine Translation include:?

  • Access to more languages and markets: Gives brands instant access to over 100 language pairs, including the most challenging (Russian, Chinese, and Korean). This means brands can now develop their business in traditionally difficult to reach markets, engaging with customers in their language of choice.?
  • Secure, instant access from anywhere: Anyone involved across the translation supply chain can securely access projects, tasks and translations from any connected device. Data remains secure and complies with local data governance regulations.?
  • Easy to use: Translating a document has never been easier. Users only need to drag and drop a file or use a pre-built plugin within commonly used applications, and within seconds receive the translation in their desired language with formatting preserved.?

“SDL is revolutionizing the way brands understand and engage with worldwide audiences with its Neural Machine Translation technology,” said Mihai Vlad, VP of Machine Learning and AI, SDL. “Our enhanced Machine Translation offering – supporting an Edge-Cloud architecture – provides scale and speed, along with robust data governance and privacy across the content supply chain, establishing a foundation for other Linguistic AI solutions.”?

SDL’s superior NMT engine has evolved from close collaboration between MT developers, MT-savvy linguists and professional translators across multiple industries and domains to fine-tune the engine for fast, even higher quality translations in a secure environment.

Thu, 08 Nov 2018 07:00:00GMT //www.11fy.cn/about/news-media/press/2018/sdl-machine-translation.html#138704
It’s Never Been Easier to Launch Multilingual Digital Experiences with SDL Multilingual Website Solution - ◆陕西十一选五推荐◆ //www.11fy.cn/about/news-media/press/2018/sdl-multilingual-website-solution.html#138706 SDL (LSE: SDL), a global leader in content creation, translation and delivery, today introduces its SDL Multilingual Website Solution, a comprehensive managed service powered by Hai, SDL’s linguistic Artificial Intelligence (AI) – providing everything a company needs to launch, operate and optimize any number of multilingual websites. SDL Multilingual Website Solution provides an end-to-end platform with hosting, localization, ongoing content management and analytics-based optimization, aimed at customers looking to grow their digital business on the global stage, and increase engagement with local audiences.?

While international expansion unlocks the potential for growing client bases and revenues, companies struggle to handle the growing scale and pace of content demands. According to Forrester Consulting’s report ‘Today’s Content Supply Chains Prevent Continuous Customer Journeys’, three quarters (73%) of respondents don’t feel fully equipped to manage the increase in content volume. Additionally, companies often deal with one or even multiple disparate web content management systems that offer little or no multilingual capabilities. Localizing content across such an inadequate and fragmented marketing technology stack inherently leads to disjointed customer experiences and diluted buying journeys.?

SDL Multilingual Website Solution solves theses complexities, bridging internal silos and systems, and giving companies a way to rapidly launch localized websites, providing a service that automatically mirrors source website content to any target language. In addition to website translation, the service uniquely provides content and traffic analysis, helping organizations with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and increased conversions.?

Customers can choose from a spectrum of translation options, to suit particular content types. SDL’s Neural Machine Translation (NMT) and Linguistic AI, powered by Hai, are embedded throughout the platform, enabling increased speed, agility and scale to securely translate and deliver multilingual content including the most challenging languages – Russian, Chinese, and Korean. Through data analytics and insights, companies can also understand visitor behaviors to optimize their website content and drive more conversions, while applying localization budgets in the most cost-effective way. Translation options include machine translated, human translated, machine translated with human post-editing and transcreation services, with any combination of these options for different parts of their websites. This ensures the optimum mix of speed and cost can be achieved.?

“At SDL we always try to go beyond the ordinary by addressing the complex content challenges companies currently experience. We develop solutions that not only fix issues, but present opportunities to go global faster. We know that translation proxy solutions can help organizations localize their websites, but we identified additional requirements that are not met by these solutions today. Our end-to-end offering plugs those gaps with a combination of SDL Linguistic AI and NMT, alongside a range of extra services focused on business outcomes, rather than the tactical execution of running localized websites,” Jim Saunders, Chief Product Officer at SDL. “SDL Multilingual Website Solution eliminates the need to maintain a range of technologies and in-house skills while allowing companies to engage with customers in a global way that’s never been possible before.”?

SDL Multilingual Website Solution provides an easy to use portal interface for managing translated webpages across several languages and markets. As a managed service it simplifies day to day operations and helps companies reach their global ambitions. The solution continuously scans a source website for updated content, routing the changed content through the correct translation workflow for quick and easy reviews and approvals. This, alongside SDL’s 17,000 linguists, provides companies with highly localized translations, across all industries, generating even more value for marketing campaigns and web-related content.

Thu, 08 Nov 2018 07:00:00GMT //www.11fy.cn/about/news-media/press/2018/sdl-multilingual-website-solution.html#138706
New SDL Tridion DX Release Transforms Content into Digital Experiences @SDLConnect2018 #GCOM #ContentIsYourBestSalesperson - ◆陕西十一选五推荐◆ //www.11fy.cn/about/news-media/press/2018/tridion-dx.html#138612 SDL (LSE: SDL), a global leader in content creation, translation, and delivery, today announces the latest version of SDL Tridion DX, providing the foundation for digital transformation, and revolutionizing the way that enterprises can manage their entire content lifecycle to support continuous digital experiences. SDL also announces the general availability of SDL Tridion Sites 9, its web content management system and part of SDL Tridion DX, built for powering digital journeys.?

Content drives experiences, all the way from pre-sales to post-sales, across every stage of the customer journey. By combining the strengths of SDL Tridion Sites, SDL Tridion Docs, SDL Language Technology and Hai, SDL’s Linguistic AI, SDL Tridion DX enables unified digital experiences from a single platform, all powered by content. For the first time ever, marketing teams can deliver marketing-led experiences with in-depth product content across touchpoints from one solution, providing customers with a rich, continuous digital experience in their language, in any context and channel.?

“Today’s content is usually created, translated and delivered in silos across marketing, sales, customer support, service, delivery, operations and product development. This organizational fragmentation is visible to the outside world through inconsistent and disconnected experiences. However, customers don’t consume information in silos and want easy access to all information, ranging from engaging marketing content to in-depth product information, and everything in between,” said Jim Saunders, Chief Product Officer. “SDL Tridion DX helps enterprises bridge the gaps between departments, delivering blended omni-content from one platform to drive continuous, holistic experiences that are localized, personalized and highly relevant across the entire customer journey.”

With SDL Dynamic Experience Delivery, SDL Tridion DX solves the typical fragmentation in front-end experiences by connecting to multiple backend content repositories and business systems that span organizational and technology silos, providing centralized control for assembling content to ensure it is consistent, personal and relevant to all audiences. Enterprises can also benefit from ultimate content reuse to save costs and speed up time to market, while its modern micro services-based approach enables headless omni-content delivery to any digital touchpoint and interoperability with existing systems in a wide variety of environments. Combined with Hai, SDL’s Linguistic AI, users will have access to more intelligent analytics, content assistance and taxonomy.?

This new release of SDL Tridion DX is based on:?

SDL Tridion Sites 9: Available today, the latest version of SDL’s web content management system (CMS) makes it easier to reach global customers faster by supporting agile marketing processes with flexible content delivery, allowing enterprises to provide brand consistency across digital real-estate with local nuanced personalized content. The latest version has been designed for speed and efficiency providing:?

  • Better Experiences – easier to blend content on a single page?
  • Better Operations – easier to edit content with in the CMS?
  • Better Technology – easier to deploy content across websites faster; and scale to any size?

To find out what else is new click here.?

SDL Tridion Docs 13: As a component content management system (CCMS), SDL Tridion Docs centralizes the creation, translation and delivery of DITA-based structured content, delivering accurate, accessible information in multiple languages and formats. It manages product information, after-sales content and self‐service support information, while also enabling users to blend marketing and product content to better serve external customers, field service and any customer-facing employees.?

Available today, the newest release of SDL Tridion Docs supports DITA 1.3, the latest version of the standard. Already serving a wide range of industries, in 2019 SDL will deliver the next major version of SDL Tridion Docs with new features that support emerging structured content use cases and industries such as Financial Services and Life Sciences. All of this will help organizations – regardless of industry – ensure that they’re delivering continuous customer experiences, across any device or channel.?

To show the critical role of content in delivering continuous customer journeys, SDL recently commissioned a Forrester Consulting study - ‘Today’s Content Supply Chains Prevent Continuous Customer Journeys’. Find out why only a third of companies believe their customer’s journey is completely continuous by downloading the full report here. If you would like to know how your content can be your best salesperson and help grow sales, while encouraging customers along their journey, read our new eBook here.

Wed, 07 Nov 2018 17:30:00GMT //www.11fy.cn/about/news-media/press/2018/tridion-dx.html#138612
SDL Accessibility Solution Enables Brands to Deliver Content to Everyone - ◆陕西十一选五推荐◆ //www.11fy.cn/about/news-media/press/2018/sdl-accessibility-solution.html#138565 SDL (LSE: SDL), a global leader in content creation, translation, management and delivery, today announces the general availability of its SDL Accessibility Solution to help companies ensure their content and digital experiences are universally accessible and meet global regulatory compliance.?

Close to 15 per cent of the world’s population has an impairment affecting visual, hearing, motor and/or cognitive abilities. Companies need to ensure all their content – both digital and print – is easy to use, navigate, and complies with regulatory guidelines for Universal Accessibility. This involves manually creating, adapting, and checking multiple pages of content, much of which is locked in PDFs, videos and documents. For regulated industries, it’s even more challenging given the volume, timelines and confidential nature of content, compounded by the strict regulatory requirements?

The SDL Accessibility Solution addresses these challenges, offering clients a comprehensive solution combining consulting, implementation and technology to help evaluate, remediate and deliver accessible content to improve customer experiences, while reducing their corporate compliance risk.?

The solution enables organizations’ content to comply with international accessibility guidelines, including the British Standard 8878, the European Accessibility Act, Section 508 and 504 of the US Rehabilitation Act, AODA, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and PDF UA.?

“Much like a physical store or office, companies need to ensure that their online products, services and digital experiences are available to everyone. The reality is that companies – who are already overwhelmed with content – still lack a strategic approach to universal accessibility,” said Christophe Djaouani, SVP at SDL. “It’s not only a corporate responsibility for every company, but also a good business strategy, making sure you reach all of your audiences. Incorporating accessibility into a content strategy can improve the customer’s journey and have an overall positive impact on your customers’ experience and a company’s revenue.”?

While regulatory compliance is critical to reducing corporate risk, forward thinking organizations are also taking into consideration the impact on their brand’s image for non-compliance – often not immediately quantifiable, but potentially larger than any fines or penalties. They also must take into account an aging population, which means more people with accessibility challenges, and the emergent trend and consumer expectation to access content wherever, whenever and however they desire in any language and across all abilities.?

The SDL Accessibility Solution solves these problems by combining assessment, strategy and services with technology, leveraging capabilities within SDL Tridion Sites – for web content management and publication, integrated with SDL Translation Management System (TMS) for multilingual translation, and SDL XPP, an automated XML publishing engine for complex and high-volume publishing applications. The combination enables companies to ensure that content – from across the organization – is delivered across all languages, available for all abilities and across any channel a customer prefers.

Wed, 07 Nov 2018 16:00:00GMT //www.11fy.cn/about/news-media/press/2018/sdl-accessibility-solution.html#138565
SDL Content Assistant Launched For Faster, Smarter Content Creation @SDLConnect2018 #5FutureStates #ContentWillCreateItself - ◆陕西十一选五推荐◆ //www.11fy.cn/about/news-media/press/2018/sdl-content-assistant.html#138571 SDL (LSE: SDL), a global leader in content creation, translation, management and delivery, today launches SDL Content Assistant, bringing content will create itself to reality – a state in SDL’s Five Future States of Content. As a first-of-a-kind Linguistic AI-driven tool, SDL Content Assistant provides assistive content authoring, intelligently automating, accelerating and enhancing the content creation process for marketers.?

In an era where content drives customer engagement and sales, global enterprises need to quickly produce relevant content at scale across many formats including brochures, white papers, videos, email, website editorial and social content. However, many marketers list having limited bandwidth to create content (51%) or generate enough content variety at scale (50%) among the top five challenges they face (LinkedIn Technology Marketing Group).?

“We calculate that one piece of source content can produce at least 280 variants for a global campaign. To deal with the exponential growth in content, enterprises and marketing agencies should adopt a Global Content Operating Model (GCOM), which optimizes the content supply chain by moving from manual processes to automated technology. We predicted content will create itself in our Five Future States of Content and now we are making it reality,” said Peggy Chen, Chief Marketing Officer at SDL.?

By instantly learning from and processing large volumes of original source content, SDL Content Assistant intelligently identifies themes, patterns and extracts topics. Key information and smart content summaries are automatically generated at the click of a button, highlighting any important quotes, facts and figures and even suggesting social streams at speed.?

Content owners get their own AI assistant, helping them quickly understand the context of in-depth files and produce high-quality content variants to satisfy the many marketing channels - email, website, blogs, and other campaign material. With interactive editing built into the tool, marketers can review and approve content to roll-out campaigns faster and engage global audiences, all while improving internal processes and resource allocation.

“By embedding Hai, our Linguistic AI, into SDL Content Assistant, we can now enable marketers and writers to understand large volumes of background content, so they can start creating engaging and relevant marketing content faster. This helps eliminate the dreaded blank page and hours of reading that so many experience. Brands get the edge over the competition by meeting the content demands of a global audience, all while cutting through the content noise,” continued Chen.?

The beta version of SDL Content Assistant will be available in 1H 2019. To register your interest and try the tool before general availability, please click here.

Wed, 07 Nov 2018 16:00:00GMT //www.11fy.cn/about/news-media/press/2018/sdl-content-assistant.html#138571
Independent Consulting Study Reveals That Content Supply Chain Challenges Obstruct Customer Continuity - ◆陕西十一选五推荐◆ //www.11fy.cn/about/news-media/press/2018/forrester.html#138259 SDL (LSE: SDL), a global leader in content creation, translation, management and delivery, today announces the results of a Forrester Consulting study, highlighting that only a third of companies (30%) believe their customer’s journey is completely continuous, and the critical role of content in delivering continuous digital experiences.?

According to the November 2018 study, ‘Today’s Content Supply Chains Prevent Continuous Customer Journeys,’ commissioned by SDL, companies are struggling to handle the growing volume and velocity of content. They also rely too heavily on a collection of Web Content Management Systems, network drives, human translation, and document management systems, to build their customer experiences. This, alongside internal silos, introduces fragmented experiences for customers looking to engage with a brand. In fact, 80% of firms believe that current content supply chain challenges impede their ability to deliver on top business objectives.?

To deliver on top business objectives and serve empowered customers, the study reveals that companies must adopt processes and tools that ensure content is delivered in a continuous journey, and avoid disjointed hand-offs that result from organizational silos.?

Content decision makers need a comprehensive and holistic content management strategy that atomizes and automates the content supply chain and ensures product, marketing, sales, and support information are up-to-date, consistent, and personalized for the customer’s need in the moment.?

Product information is highlighted as a key enabler for success. Companies agree that improving access to product information would have the single greatest positive impact on customer journey continuity, while three-quarters (77%) confirm that keeping product information relevant and up-to-date is critical.

“Customers today are more empowered than ever. They use a wide variety of content, including in-depth product information such as manuals, user guides and technical content, to educate themselves throughout their buying journey. Any inconsistency or hurdle in that journey puts their willingness to buy at risk,” said Peggy Chen, Chief Marketing Officer, SDL. “We’re addressing these issues head on with our SDL Tridion DX solution, giving global businesses a way to build a solid content supply chain and blend marketing, sales and in-depth product content into a relevant, continuous digital experience.”?

More than half of firms expect improved brand consistency, and customer and partner experience if they’re able to centralize, automate and optimize their content supply chain. A 陕西十一选五推荐 (GCOM) addresses these challenges, providing a comprehensive strategic framework for managing content by unifying platforms, processes and people.?

“Brands today have a huge opportunity to engage with millions of customers, but they’re spending too much time fixing content problems – rather than developing strategies and experiences that deliver business growth,” said Andrew Bredenkamp, Founder and CEO, Acrolinx. “A GCOM can help streamline the whole process – from content creation, management and translation all the way to delivery – and rapidly deliver tangible ROI.”?

For the study, more than 200 interviews were conducted with business leaders (managers through to CEOs) responsible for setting the strategy for their company’s content supply chain at firms with greater than $1B in revenue. These included manufacturing, technology, pharmaceutical, consumer product goods, electronics, financial services, and automotive organizations in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, and France.

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